Bandicam Free Download For Windows All Version

Bandicam can record anything on your computer screen and save as MP4 or AVI video file. Especially through Bandicam video game recording software, you can shoot various 2D / 3D games with 4K UHD video and record videos up to 480 FPS.

1. Introducing Bandicam

Bandicam is the software that when users need to record the computer screen, they not only support video recording, taking screenshots of the desktop, but Bandicam also supports video game recording Full and not full screen. Especially when you own the Bandicam license, you can experience more unique features.

Using Bandicam, the video quality after recording is always high quality, with this video, you can upload to social sites like Facebook, Youtube … How to use Bandicam is also very simple, you will receive get some tips on how to install and set up video quality while recording with this software.

Bandicam, a computer screen recording software with HD quality, up to 24 hours, supports uploading videos to Youtube without converting videos to other formats. Like FastStone Capture, Bandicam in addition to video recording also supports users to take pictures of the computer screen. Especially for those who love the game League of Legends or Empire, you can download Bandicam to record the video that you are playing.

Bandicam is considered as a great solution for recording computer screen video with recording with perfect picture and sound quality, helping you to get video games or instructional videos for a certain purpose. The highlight of the bandicam software is that it consumes very little CPU resources during recording and allows users to record video in any area on the desktop.

GOM Cam is also a video cam software with similar function that helps you to create videos of various purposes. Video after being recorded with GOM Cam, users can easily share on Youtube or popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, …

Bandicam is one of the many screen capture and screen capture tools used by many people to create instructions on computer tricks, in addition Bandicam also supports video game recording LOL, PUBG, ROS, … on the computer screen, not only that, this software also helps to upload videos directly to social networks such as Facebook, Youtube.

2. Main features

2.1. Record everything that appears on the computer screen

Bandicam is a free, easy-to-use screen recording software for Windows that allows you to record any area of ​​your screen as either a screenshot or a video screencast file.

You can record lecture videos, webinars, games and Skype calls with the option to add voice overs from your microphone and video from your webcam, and then share to YouTube or Vimeo. To record screen video, you select Screen Recording mode of Bandicam.

– Select region and record video: Select an area on screen you want to record and start recording video immediately.
– Draw in real time: Draw or sketch on video or screenshots in real time.
– Add webcam overlay: Add your webcam video over the video being recorded.

– Insert voice: Insert your own voice into the recorded video.
– Add logo to video: Put your own logo on video to let everyone know who created it.
Mouse effects: Add mouse click effects and graphics while recording video.

2.2. Game recording software for gamers

Bandicam allows you to record videos at 4K UHD resolution and record videos up to 144 FPS. With Bandicam, you can shoot a variety of 2D / 3D games like Minecraft, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Roblox, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends, which use DirectX / OpenGL / Vulkan graphics technology. In addition, the software also allows recording flash games and online browser-based games available on your computer.

2.3. Record video of some external devices such as webcam, Xbox / PlayStation, IPTV …

Bandicam allows you to record video from any video device including USB webcam camcorders, video recording cards and camcorders. You can stop recording video automatically by setting recording time and file size. The finished videos will be saved in many different file formats including MP4, AVI and WAV.

Bandicam webcam recording mode fully supports NVidia NVENC / CUDA h.264 Hardware acceleration, Intel Quick Sync and AMD VCE video recording, allowing video recording at high speed, with high compression ratio and excellent quality .

– Record webcam video on PC: You can record webcam video in real time with high compression ratio and high quality with Bandicam.
– Record the process of playing Xbox or PlayStation games on PC: Record the process of playing games with console (Xbox, Playstation …) with high quality.
– Record iPhone / Smartphone screen video on PC: Record smartphone screen with high quality using Bandicam.
– Record IPTV, Apple TV, HDTV on PC screen: Record high quality video of Apple TVs or Set Top Box IPTV devices.

3. Outstanding advantages of Bandicam.

3.1. Record computer screen video

Bandicam can create videos with high quality but extremely small size. Video length can be up to 24 hours. Video resolution up to 3840×2160. And more specifically, Bandicam supports downloading 720p / 1080p videos to Youtube without converting the format. The software also supports editing videos, setting up video recording modes and schedules.

Bandicam can record video directly on web browsers, video sharing websites like Youtube, iOS app store like iTunes. Record video chat on Skype, record video on webcam simply, you just need to download and use bandicam….

Bandicam has outstanding advantages such as support for many codecs to save videos and play in many different formats, provide multiple encoders, hardware acceleration to improve video recording performance, take pictures of videos being recorded in many different formats. Various modes such as time cycle shooting or continuous shooting ..

3.2. Bancica supports other formats like H.264, MPEG-1, Xvid, MJPEG, MP2, PCM

The latest version of Bandicam has added a number of new points such as: supporting some other formats, adding the function of controlling the size of the position on the screen, increasing the size of the software interface. improved note functionality and codec compatibility, plus various options

Installation Guide For Bandicam

  • Step 1: You need to download bandicam to your device.
  • Step 2: After downloading, open the folder containing Bandicam and right-click and choose Run as Administrastor to run the Setup file.
  • Step 3: Select Vietnamese language, click OK.
  • Step 4: Click Next to install Bandicam.

Click I agree to the terms of Bandicam.

Select the features you want to install in Bandicam. Display Bandicam on the desktop screen of the computer. Press Forward.

  • Step 5: Select the folder containing Bandicam on your computer. The default will be drive C. Then press Install.

Installing Bandicam, recording the computer screen will quickly take place. After installing Bandicam, click Finish.

And Bandicam will be opened right on the computer. You can immediately use Bandicam to record the computer screen.

The installation of Bandicam software is quite simple, just a few simple steps that you can complete and use.

Currently there is a Portable version of Bandicam, users do not need to spend time installing but can still use the Bandicam screen recording tool on their computer, however, since it is Portabale, there are many features are limited, so recommend using the original for a better experience instead of using the Bandicam Portable.

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