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Architects and designers can easily understand 2D drawings by imagining the pictures in a 3D space. But, for those who don’t have experience in this industry, it is difficult to read and understand a piece of paper full of numbers and lines. So, many illustration software was born to serve this billion-dollar market and a popular one is Lumion 11.

Back in the day, when embarking on building an architectural project (houses, villas, showrooms, hotels, …), architects and designers often used 2D, 3D design software such as Autocad or Stecktup to create a simulation of their own ideas. Those softwares were good and easy to use, but these days, with the increase in the need for better demonstration, we need more than good.

Lumion 11

Lumion 11 was designed to help architects to express and demonstrate their ideas as real as possible through short films. All angles of the object are elaborately described such as plants, water, clouds, people, objects. Everything in this software is extremely vivid, thus it helps the viewers to make decisions precisely.

Currently, Lumion 11 is the version considered by architects and illustrators to be one of the most stable and smooth versions. It is also the application supporting designers the best.

In this blog, HitechThreats will provide you essential information as well as the link to download the Lumion 11 Full Free for FREE with detailed instructions. Please follow this page until the end and you will see the link to download Lumion 11 free version!

Introduction of Lumion 11

Lumion 11 is a real-time 3D imaging technology product introduced in December 2010 by the Act-3D group (Netherlands). With great application to support the work of construction and architecture, this software presents in more than 180 countries, attracting hundreds of thousands of users around the world

The popularity of Lumion 11 has been quickly increasing. It is well-known for rendering performance, optimization in visual quality, and ease of use.

Lumion 11’s main features:

Designing software for the architecture industry Lumion Pro 11 is highly appreciated by the community. In short, HitechThreats would like to sum up the following outstanding features:

Real Skies with 39 surreal sky background settings pre-installed in Lumion 11 – just one click away your design has the scenery and environment of a clear morning, stormy, or sunset afternoon. Improved Sky Light 2 effect and Real Skies so the difference between preview and after render is not as much as the Sky Light effect in Lumion 8.

1- 3D Grasses

3D Grass in Lumion 11

A new set of Grass library (3DGrasses) is customizable. Specifically, you can combine many types of grasses together to help you create a green space that suits your design as well as creates great visual effects for your guests.

2- Atmospheric Rain and Snow Enhancements

With this update for the rain and snow effects in Lumion 11, you can quickly create a light drizzle, a snowy winter night, and even a tropical storm with raindrops splashing in the puddle. good water on the ground.

3- Furry Materials

With the new Furry Materials, you can easily apply the material to a teddy bear’s fur rug, even a furry wall and many more interesting stuffs.

4- New interface

Lumion 11 interface

A new look for Lumion 11 with an interactive interface and smart options that are more intuitive for users and customers.

5- LiveSync for Rhino

With the new LiveSync for Rhino, you can simultaneously mode, display, and visualize changes in real-time. LiveSync is only available for Rhino 6.

6- Improved OpenStreetMap tool

In Lumion 11, OpenStreetMap went through a major update to give you a higher quality city setting at a faster rate than before.

7- Save Groups:

With Lumion 11 you can save your favorite object groups to its cloud. So, when you need them with the load group tool, you can pull them out for use in many different projects.

Changing objects’ positions is more intuitive

Moving objects is now easier, and faster by incorporating additional shortcuts such as rotate, or increase or decrease the objects’ size.

8- Object focus

Doubleclicking will immediately take you directly to the object, so you’ll never lose your model again.

9- Import Model’s edge (wireframe)

In Lumion 11, the edges of your models can be imported as separate materials. In this way, you can easily create wireframe models and highlight the outlines of interior and exterior geometry. Supports importing wireframe from SketchUp (.SKP & .DAE) + 2D lines from 3ds Max (.FBX & .MAX)

10- Automatic File Recovery

When your computer crashes, don’t be worried of losing your temper. In Lumion 11, you can rest assured that your project’s file is safe with the new automatic File recovery feature.

11- 112 Materials

Featuring 122 new materials including nearly 100 High Definition Textured Maps

  • 7 new fabrics including cashmere, muslin, and printed rugs.
  • 6 new curtain materials.
  • 6 new plaster materials.
  • 14 new marble materials.
  • 8 new brick materials.
  • 5 new concrete materials.
  • 8 new metal materials.
  • 4 new roofing materials.
  • 8 new pebble materials.
  • 15 new wood materials.
  • 7 new stone materials.
  • New objects in Libraries
  • 91 new trees, plants, and rocks from around the world, including variations in shape and size
  • 459 household items ranging from high-quality kitchen appliances, seats, tables, storage items, and other home furnishings
  • 5 outdoor objects, including apartment blocks and outdoor furniture
  • 30 new high-quality animated 3D newbies, including men, women, seniors, cyclists, and more.
  • 10 new car models, including HD cars, sports cars and SUVs
  • Requirements for computer configuration
  • Because this is the software used to build 3D movies, it requires high-end configuration. If your computer is mid-range or too low, you should not use it because it will not be able to meet it.

Lumion 11.3 Pro System Requirements:

  • Internet connection: When using the software to run Lumion, you are required to be connected to the internet.
  • Graphics card GPU: G3DMark 7,000 or higher. (Such as Nvidia GeForce RTX 1650, AMD Radeon RX 470 and above).
  • Graphics Card Memory: 4 GB or more *
  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
  • CPU (processor): Intel / AMD processors score 2000 single-thread CPUMark or higher. (Such as AMD Ryzen 5 1500X, Intel Core i7-3770K or higher)
  • Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels **
  • System memory (RAM) 16 GB or more
  • Hard drive SATA3 SSD or HDD
  • Hard drive space: 40 GB minimum.
  • PC source: (minimum 80+ to meet full capacity)

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