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    01 June, 2019
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Hard time is a game in which you manage a personality who has just been sentenced to act a hard time. In a hard time game, you can use a general character created, or you can create your own by picking a new nickname and managing character attributes including strength, health, brainpower, and crime committed. It is also easy to change the characters physical look. Once your character is done, it is time to meet you to follow inmates and begin to establish your status.

prison break game

Hard time game is fast to install and to run. The controls employ different shortcut keys, and you can use the mouse to pan around the room. With your character, you are free to travel around the prison and talk with other prisoners. Activities include fighting, exercising, and working. You earn money by working which is particularly helpful for acquiring friends. The decisions your character makes cause the different meters of status, health, and strength to go down or up.

The mechanics of this hard time game free download are simple to pick up and the graphics are not a high standard. They get the work done, though, if you are just looking for a fun diversion, and the game does load fast and run perfectly. This is not a game you will enjoy if you are interested in a strong gaming experience or if you take it too seriously. There just is not a lot of substance either in the characters or storyline choices, but for a free game, it is not bad.

There are also chances to earn money, you can trade items, or run a rang. Having money rises your chances to grease the wheels and make your life within easier.

You can simply install a hard Time game for PC applying the .apk file if you fail to discover the application within the Google play store just by clicking on the APK file, you can install the app with BlueStacks program.

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