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Download Windows 7 Enterprise now from softfind. It is more oriented to business and offers additional features compared with other editions.

Windows 7 Enterprise Details:

win 7 enterprise is only available to businesses through volume certification. It consists of all top functions of Windows 7 Professional, more protection and social networking features. win 7 enterprise is built for the organization world and may only be applied by significant businesses. Additionally available for retail or simply by OEMs for pre-installation on a new computer.

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Businesses covered by MS Software program Assurance can get windows 7 enterprise without additional demand. Features that differentiate Organization from Specialist are: BitLocker (encrypts information on inner and external drives); DirectAccess (connectivity to a corporate and business network without VPN); AppLocker (prevents illegal software coming from running); and BranchCache (speeds up the being able to access of large remote control files in branch offices).


Users can connect corporate and business systems without the utilization of a VPN, giving organization users more versatility. Users just need a net connection to obtain access to everything on the commercial network. They will never have to stop what they’re performing and get on a VPN. This will reduce the usage of corporate bandwidth because remote users will mostly use their own regional broadband.
The most problems are controlling by remote systems, knowing how long they’ve been off the network, whenever they came back and when they received patched. DirectAccess is used with windows server 2008 R2 in the background, that will use the best protocol, IPv6, to encrypt data sent across the Net. “It’s less if you don’t have a VPN or firewall structure.


BranchCache designed to increase networks speed in remote offices. Basically, BranchCache can speed the accessing of large remote data files stored within the corporate networks,

Desktop Search:

Windows 7 enterprise provides bolstered enterprise search efficiency from the system.

BitLocker to Go: 

“BitLocker To Go” in windows seven enterprise, permits external gadgets to get restricted with a passphrase established by IT before users have allowing to copy info to them.

This will likely give businesses the same confidence in USB external drives they have in multi-volume drive security, It’s so easy to lose exterior gadgets without noticing, thus BitLocker to Go gives businesses extra self-assurance that there is no-one to get that data


 Just like BitLocker, AppLocker is in the secureness and control camp of Windows 7 enterprise and should secure users from the unsanctioned program that could cause malware infections.
AppLocker can easily secure against running suspect types of software program. It permits IT to identify which programs can run using employees’ personal computers, blocking harmful application and enabling the applications and courses that users need.

Operating System Requirements For Windows 7 Enterprise:

Minimum for Win seven Enterprise:

  • 1GB of RAM.
  • 1 GHz processor or higher.
  • 20GB of free disk space.

Difference between Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise:

windows 7 enterprise and windows 7 ultimate helps users to make productive everywhere, improve secureness & control, and improve system administration. While the functionality in these versions is the same, Windows enterprise contains volume activation capabilities & it is only available to customers having an MS assurance contract.

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Windows 7 Enterprise Key Features:
  • The enhanced functionality of window media center.
  • Image effects.
  • navigation with Aero glass remoting.
  • The significant feature in its firewall.
  • All features of the versions it has succeeded.
  • A strong feature of upgrading(directly update from windows 7 to the latest version).

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Comparison Between Windows 7 Enterprise And Windows Ultimate


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